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Hex Metal Refractory Lining

Mesh Thickness: 1 cm – 3 cm.

Panel Thickness:1.0mm – 3.0mm

Hole Shape: Hexagon.

Hole distance:30mm-60mm

Mesh size: 30 mm 40 mm 48 mm 50 mm 60 mm 80 mm 100 mm.

Materials: A General Carbon Steel, A3, OCr13, 1Cr13, 0Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Cr25Ni20 SUS304 SUS316.

Features of hex metal: protecting refractory materials, corrosion and abrasion resistance, high temperature stability.

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Hex Metal Refractory Lining is also known as hex mesh, hex metal grating, hex steel mesh, Hex steel grill or hex steel grid. Metal Hex grid provides surface framework for reinforcement of the refractory or concrete material in linings. They are made of pressed strips riveted to each other to form the hexagonal apertures.

Hex metal refractory lining is a hexagonal cellular mesh grating specifically designed for reinforcing both linings and flooring. The hex steel mesh acts as a surface framework to hold cement or refractory in position, and relieves stress in the lining's upper crust, which prevents spalling and cracking. As a result of hex metal's strength and unique design, abrasion and corrosion are retarded and refractory life is significantly extended. Even hot gaseous substances cannot erode the refractory because they are reflected away from the surface by the metal cellular grid.

Connection Type: Inner buckle lock riveting outer buckle lock riveting.

Excellency: Hexagon Big Mud Claw Tortoise Shell Mesh reinforces effectively. Anchor ability and interlink strength with liner material. It can prevent the layer break from anti-heat and heat preservation, thus enhancing the unite strength of liner.

Hex Metal Refractory Lining, a revolutionary solution for protecting refractory materials and ensuring their longevity. Designed with utmost precision, this innovative product offers unparalleled corrosion and abrasion resistance, coupled with exceptional high temperature stability.

Refractory materials are exposed to extreme conditions, often subjected to harsh chemicals, intense heat, and abrasive substances. In such challenging environments, the Hex Metal Refractory Lining serves as a robust shield, safeguarding these materials from degradation and ensuring their optimal performance.

One of the key features of the Hex Metal Refractory Lining is its superior corrosion resistance. The hexagonal mesh pattern creates a barrier against corrosive elements, preventing them from penetrating the refractory material. This unique design also allows for efficient drainage, minimizing the accumulation of corrosive liquids and further enhancing the lifespan of the refractory lining.

High-Quality Hex Steel Grating acts as a protective layer, reducing the impact and wear caused by abrasive particles. This significantly prolongs the lifespan of the refractory material, saving both time and money on frequent repairs or replacements.

Another standout attribute of the Hex Metal Refractory Lining is its high temperature stability. It can withstand extreme heat without compromising its structural integrity, making it an ideal choice for applications involving intense thermal conditions. The product maintains its shape and strength, ensuring a consistent and reliable performance even in the harshest of environments.

The Flex Metal Refractory Lining offers versatility and adaptability, suitable for a wide range of industries such as petrochemical, metallurgical, and power generation. Additionally, it can be easily installed on various surfaces, enhancing its appeal and usability.

In conclusion, the Hex Metal Refractory Lining revolutionizes the way refractory materials are protected. Its unrivaled corrosion and abrasion resistance characteristics, combined with its exceptional high temperature stability, make it an invaluable asset in prolonging the lifespan and enhancing the performance of refractory linings. Trust the Hex Metal Refractory Lining to provide the ultimate defense for your refractory materials, ensuring their durability and effectiveness in even the most challenging environments.


As refractories,Hex Metal's flexibility allows it to be rolled, it easily conforms to circular shapes. It is ideal for lining Ducts, Furnaces, Reactor Vessels, Cyclones, Flue Gas Lines and other high temperature equipment of virtually any shape or configuration. It is mainly used in power plant, cement plant, Steel, petroleum, chemical industry, power generation and other large devices. The hex metal can largely improve the heat erosion and abrasion resistance.

In addition hex mesh used for floors, hex mesh provides long term protection for armor applications in industrial floors. Specifically: Loading docks, ramps, high traffic aisles for forklifts and trucks, hot floors for foundry, forge and steel mills, refuse disposal plant floors and almost anywhere floors are subject to severe impact and rolling loads will benefit with Hex mesh.

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Anping BoYue Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located in Anping Town, "the Hometown of Wire Mesh". As a manufacturer, we have our own modern office facilities and standardization of factory, absorb advanced technology, development technology by ourselves, and make great efforts to enhance product development capabilities.We have 120 sets of equipments, 60 staff in total including 9 technicians. Our company has two factories covers an area of 10,000 sq. meters.

BoYue's main products: stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh,hexmesh, refractory anchor, welded wire mesh, mesh fence,hexagonal wire mesh, cattle fence, steel grating, fence of slope, barbecue net and wire mesh processing products.

Since the establishment of the company, we have continuously enhanced enterprise management and enhanced the overall quality awareness of the enterprise. The production capacity and production technology have been continuously improved. The main production of tortoise shell nets and anchor nails has been supplied to many large-scale petrochemical equipment, high-temperature-resistant kilns and other manufacturing enterprises. The products produced are widely used in large-scale pipeline installations such as petroleum and chemical industries, as well as refractory and anti-corrosion linings for kiln pipelines in power plants, steel plants, and cement plants.

BoYue's annual value of production is about 30 million US dollars, of which 90% of products delivered to more than 40 countries and regions. Our company will continue to keep high quality, customer-centered, technological innovation, good service as guidelines.BoYue would like to cooperate with you by means of metal building & refractory lining products, to develop together and create a magnificent future hand in hand with you.


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