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Refractory Anchors for Lining Furnace

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Material: Steel, Stainless Steel

Package: Carton

Application: Refractory Industry

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BOYUE supplying a comprehensive range of Steel Anchors.each model is custom made depending on the design and the application. Due to the relatively high temperatures at which refractory bricks are applied, care must be taken in the selection of the correct alloy.  For denser bricks, heavier staples can also be supplied. To hold refractory anchor bricks in specific positions from a wall or a ceiling our Scissor clips or Brick Claws can be used. Tie back refractory anchors are great for holding back brick anchors in side wall applications.
Refractory anchors and related materials are used for anchoring and assembling refractory ceramic fiber linings or for reinforcing monolithic linings of castable, plastics or ramming mixes.  We carry a complete selection of refractory anchors.  Can supply you with refractory anchors to suit any depth of lining.  Our refractory anchor selection includes studs, V clips, Y anchor, V anchor,  U anchor, Z anchor and miscellaneous parts.All models can be corrugated or specially formed for superior holding power.
We can produce the anchors to suit stud welding techniques,  hand welding techniques, or the mechanical bolt-on technique of fastening to the vessel.



Product Name Stainless Steel Anchor
Material Stainless Steel
Color Nickel White
Grade SS430, SS446, SS304, SS309, SS310, SS316 or Customized
Size Customized based on customer’s drawing
Thread Strong
Used Refractory Castable

Product Technology

Anchor is a kind of structure which joint and fix between the ceramic fiber products, insulating fire brick,amorphous refractory with the kiln metal wall plate.According to the kiln structure,furnace temperature and atmosphere,we should select and use different structures and materials anchors.


1.Wide temperature range,from 800C to 1400C
2.Various shapes
3.Reasonable structure
4.Firm, reliable anchor
5.Install easily and quickly

Packing Details  : Packing by Carton Box, 30-60PCS Per Carton Box Based on The Size.
Delivery Details : 20-30 Days After Order Confirmation Based on The Quantity.

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