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Uses and advantages of Hex mesh

Hex mesh is used for high temperature resistant unshaped lining material reinforcement, carbon steel (A3F) hex mesh, 0Cr13 material is used in special cases, when using, first spot weld the hex mesh on the inner wall of the boiler or hot air duct, and then apply refractory materials.

Product advantages of hex mesh: The hex mesh with hexagonal large mud claws obviously enhances the anchoring ability with the lining material. Thereby, the bonding performance of the lining material itself is effectively enhanced, the phenomenon that the heat-resistant insulation layer is easy to peel and fall off can be completely controlled, and the bonding fastness of the lining material is improved.

Hex mesh product material: Used for pouring amorphous lining materials, and anchoring the lining materials.

A wide range of materials can be selected: A common carbon steel 0Cr13.1Cr13. 0Cr18Ni9.1Cr18Ni9Ti, hole distance 2cm-6cm, mesh thickness 1cm-2.5cm, plate thickness 1mm-3mm.

The size of the mesh is customized by the buyer to process and customize various specifications. There are already many main engine factories supporting and cooperating in the production of various metal accessories, and they have supplied various lining metal structural parts for many petrochemical equipment manufacturers. The products produced are widely used. It is one of the main accessories used in large-scale petrochemical equipment, especially in favor of the lining structure of the main equipment of the catalytic equipment. It can improve the wear resistance and strength of the lining. The wear-resistant lining is reinforced with hex mesh, and carbon Steel (A3F) hex mesh, such as reactors and primary and secondary cyclone separators, U-shaped pipe regenerator flue, etc. Alloy (1Cr13) hex mesh for high temperature parts, such as regenerators and primary and secondary cyclone separators wait. The hex mesh is a hexagonal grid punched from a 20*17.5 mm flat steel strip, and is fixed on the end plate of the heat preservation nail.

Post time: May-10-2023