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About Stainless Steel Safety Screens

In recent years, the practicability of stainless steel safety screens has been more and more recognized by people, and it can be seen everywhere in home life. Even so, most people don’t know much about it.

Ordinary screens are prone to aging and damage after a long period of exposure to wind and sun. Moreover, ordinary screens are installed in low-rise homes. Opening the windows for ventilation has hidden dangers of theft, which is very unsafe. Therefore, we’d better choose the King Kong mesh screen window equipped with King Kong mesh as the window screen, which has the advantages of firmness, anti-theft, anti-mosquito, breathability, safety, etc., and the service life is guaranteed.

High-quality diamond network wise choice

Stainless steel safety net, also known as super safety net, is a kind of stainless steel wire mesh. It is made of high-strength stainless steel wire through a heavy-duty precision loom. The surface protection is treated by electrostatic spraying. It is mostly used for aluminum doors and windows, and has high anti-rust and anti-damage capabilities. In addition, the small mesh of diamond gauze can block mosquitoes from entering the room.
Stainless steel safety net material: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, plain carbon steel.
Specifications: 11 mesh *0.8mm, 12 mesh *0.7mm, 14 mesh *0.6mm, 14 mesh 0.55mm, 14 mesh 0.5mm.
Wire diameter specifications: 50 wires, 60 wires, 70 wires, 80 wires
Silk refers to the diameter of the wire, which refers to the diameter of the metal wire on the weaving net. The corresponding steel wire is within 10 wires, the smaller the wire diameter, the smaller the mesh, and the better the light transmittance.

Mesh refers to the number of meshes, which is expressed in terms of the number of holes per centimeter of length in the specification. Internationally, it is expressed by the number of holes per inch, and it is also expressed by the size of each hole (mm).
According to experiments, the 10-mesh hole can only block the entry and exit of some large insects such as flies and moths, and the 11-mesh and 12-mesh holes can block the entry and exit of ordinary mosquitoes, but they cannot stop small mosquitoes. The 14-mesh hole has the best effect, and all mosquitoes can Keep out of the outdoors.

Post time: Mar-15-2023