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About The Use And Selection Of Refractory Anchors

01. Preface overview
The refractory castable is used in the furnace lining, and it must be supported by anchors, so that the use effect is good and the use time is longer.
As long as castables are used as linings, anchors must be used for support. However, the diameter, shape, material and quantity of anchors are also selected according to different situations.

02. Selection of anchor size
Under normal circumstances, about 25 anchors are used per square meter, but the thickness of the castable or special parts must be considered in the selection of anchors. On the plane, the anchors in the refractory castable are distributed according to a square of about 500mm. The nail on the foot of any one of the squares is also located at the center of the other square. The extension faces of the anchors are also perpendicular to each other.

For the surface of refractory castables of different shapes, the design of refractory castable linings and the loads received during production and use will cause the distance between the arrangement direction of the anchors and the plane to be shortened, because these anchors need to be welded on the shell . The size is determined according to the thickness and temperature of the castable. The thickness determines the height of the anchor, and the temperature determines the material of the anchor. Stainless steel or stainless iron, or different grades of national standard steel products.
The size of the anchor must be suitable for the castable body, and the head of the anchor must have an opening to ensure that the castable is resistant to peeling. Generally, the height of the anchor is that the height of the castable is lower than 25-30mm, which is the height of the anchor.

03. Preparatory work before construction
Before construction, the anchor should be painted with asphalt paint or wrapped with plastic film, and the diameter should be selected between 6-10mm, neither too thick nor too thin. There must be superimposition in the middle connection part, the more support points the better, and the welding rod is also very important. The number of anchors is appropriate, neither too much nor too little, between 16-25 per square, depending on the situation.

Post time: Mar-15-2023